About the Lab

NAIST International Collaborative Laboratory for Robotics Vision is focusing on enhancing robotics and improving people's life quality by exploring the most of computer vision technologies. Established in Dec 2014 by NAIST and CMU (Carnegie Mellon University), this laboratory provides a unique platform for conducting leading research (both basic and applied) via close collaboration among international talents.

As one of the first two international collaborative laboratories built by NAIST, this laboratory is different from any other research labs and collaborative labs that you can find in the Graduate School of Science and Technology.


Lead by Prof. Takeo Kanade and closely collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University.


Gathering active and talented researchers with very diverse nationalities.


Targeting at innovative research with global and long-lasting impact.


Better bridging NAIST researchers and international peers.

International Collaborations

Carnegie Mellon University (United States)
University of Pennsylvania (United States)
University College London (United Kingdom)
Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
Technical University of Munich (Germany)
Télécom ParisTech (France)
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
Tsinghua University (China)
Xi'an Jiaotong University (China)
Fudan University (China)
Xiamen University (China)
Southeast University (China)
Ocean University of China (China)


  • Best Student Paper Award: The Piero Zamperoni Best Student Paper Award of ICPR 2018 (Global)
  • Best Paper Award: The AutoML 2018 workshop @ ICML/IJCAI-ECAI 2018 (Global)
  • Winner: The 2017 Hands in the Million Challenge (Hand-Object Interaction Task) (Global)
  • Winner: ISMAR 2015 Tracking Competition (Off-Site Category: Level 1) (Global)
  • Excellent Demo: IPSJ Distributed Processing System Workshop 2016 (Japan)
  • Excellent Award: Creative and International Competitiveness Project 2017 (NAIST)
  • Excellent Student Award: 2018 Excellent Student Award (NAIST)
  • Excellent Student Award: 2017 Excellent Student Award (NAIST)


  • KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
  • KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research
  • JSPS Bilateral Joint Research Projects (Joint study with the Royal Society, U.K.)
  • MEXT Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities
  • MEXT 運営費交付金 (機能強化経費)
  • JASSO 海外留学支援制度


Person Re-Identification

An unobstrusive way to identify individuals using cameras at a distance, which is unlike face recognition or any other commonly known biometric authentication.

Activity Analysis and Intension Inference

Humans can easily understand each other by observing others' state, action and activities. Similarly, we explore the possibility to mimic that ability with computer vision and machine learning.

Communication and Interaction Understanding

Humans express their thoughts and intensions through communication and interaction using visible ways like gestures.


Guest Professor

Takeo Kanade

Assistant Professor

Yang Wu


Contact Information

  • NAIST International Collaborative Laboratory for Robotics Vision
    Nara Institute of Science and Technology
    8916-5 Takayama-cho, Ikoma, Nara, 630-0192, Japan
  • Room 105, Interdisciplinary Frontier Research Complex No.1
  • 0743-72-5168
  • rvlab.naist.jp